No Uptime Webhosting, deleting your files since 1994

Thu, 07/19/2007 - 23:06 -- Samira
No Uptime Webhosting, deleting your files since 1994

Are you looking for new webhost company?

If yes, you should have a look at this wonderful one: No Up Time

Why choose us?

Redundant Hosting
Our Redundant Department of Redundancy has a Redundant Server Failover System that will initiate a failover hosting in case of unexpected server uptime.

AJAX email
Our Web 2.0 Email Interface is open to all our clients and visitors. In the true spirit of Web 2.0, everyone is invited to read and edit your emails for the good of the general public.

24/8 Phone Support
Our phones are always on all 8 days of the week. Operators are standing by to put you on hold the minute you call.

LAMP Server
Our LAMP is powered by 30 halogen bulbs for extra bright lightening that will definitely hurt your eyes.

Linux Powered
Our Linux Free BSD systems are at the forefront of modern technology. By merging several distributions of Linux into one, we were able to create an operating system so complicated we don't even know how to use it ourselves.

Uploading Files
Don't like uploading your files via FTP? No problem! Send us your files on a floppy and we'll upload it for you. It's one of the many ways we do our best to accommodate your needs. Just remember, our floppy system does not accept Windows, Linux, or Mac floppies.

Trust Us
We are experts.

The best thing now, the plans! They have a very good ones. I have ordered the Package 1 lol

1)- Hosting Package 1 (The I'm-Poor plan) 2$ /Month

- 200Kb of Storage
- 10Mb of Bandwidth
- PHP 4, 5 and 6
- MySQL, SQL and Oracle
- Dedicated Dedication
- Host Up To 6.8 Sites
- Free Identity Theft

2)- Hosting Package 2 (The Take-My-Money plan) 20$ /Month

- Lots of Storage
- 10Kb of Bandwidth
- PHP 5, 6 and 7
- MySQL and ReiserFS
- 2 Glow Sticks
- Free Broken Toaster
- 24/8 Email Support

3)- Hosting Package 3 (The Resell-Our-Crap plan) 200$ /Month

- 200Gb of Storage
- 10 Bytes of Path Bandwidth
- Ruby on Railroads
- Dedicated Support Geek
- Dedicated Win 3.11
- Steve Ballmer
- Ruby on Boats

More details: No Up Time



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